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Top Africa Volunteer Programs for 2019-20

Top Africa Volunteer Programs for 2019-20

Volunteer programs and other such initiatives are meant to help the ones who need it the most. These programs have accounted for numerous beneficial activities undertaken on zones that suffer from poverty, hunger and other such basic amenities. With sustainable living coming to a halt, these programs take place in countries and continents where individuals are known to lack a considerable mode of income. Since Africa is one such country, there are many volunteer programs that offer you the chance to help. So based on results, analysis and reviews, we have brought forward some of the best volunteer programs in Africa for the year 2019-20. Hence, go ahead and take a look.

1. Love Volunteers

A volunteer rating of 96% tends to paint the right picture and frames your outlook towards this particular organisation. Love Volunteers is a well-known volunteering organisation that indulges in various socially responsible activities with the local communities. Their programs go high up in numbers, and you can be assured of finding the one that you need. With the occurrence of minimum costs, you can expect to lead the right life with Love Volunteers.

2. GoEco

Property vetted projects are a big hit in Africa and thus, programs like GoEco head in the right direction. Over the past couple of years, they have managed to bring out affordable programs for people and make their lives comfortable. The top-notch eco-tourism company did counter numerous problems along the line but managed to surpass them through intensive decision making. So if you’re keen on being a volunteer, then you must know that they have projects in over ten countries, with South Africa being a major one.

3. International Volunteer HQ

International Volunteer HQ is another organisation that is known for its affordable volunteer programs and travel. Their plans are intended to match any skill set by covering a wide range of activities and aspects. Some of their popular programs include teaching, childcare, wildlife volunteer projects, healthcare, and so on. With cost being around $250 per week, the program gives you the right exposure.

International Volunteer HQ

4. African Impact

African Impact is a volunteer program that is quite famous for having over 12,000 volunteers in 12 African nations. The success behind their program comes from the fact that the organisation provides help only to those communities that want the same. By doing so, their volunteers have direct contact with different individuals and move ahead to establish a better connection. Although they are a bit high in terms of cost, you can be assured of facing a better life with community volunteering and conservation. Hence, look into these programs and make a decision to change a couple of lives.

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