Agape Children’s Home

Accra, Ghana

BE A HERO partners with Agape Children’s Home to provide monthly support through our Home Sponsorship Program.

The word ‘Agape’ is a Greek word that describes the unconditional love of God and at Agape Children’s Home (ACH), unconditional love is exactly what they aim to provide. In Ghana, tens of thousands of children are without parents. They have become orphans because their parents died from road accidents, HIV/AIDS, malaria, and a host of other diseases. These children are often left in the care of their poor relatives. Many of these relatives are too old and too poor to properly care for these orphans. They often do not have any regular income and they are barely surviving. Because of these problems, the orphans do not receive proper care. Unfortunately many fall victim to abuse, child prostitution and trafficking.

The Agape Children’s Home is doing something to solve the problem. Founded by Rick and Donna Whitcomb in July, 2000, just outside of Accra, Ghana, ACH currently cares for many abandoned or orphaned children. Unlike many other children’s homes in Ghana, ACH is based on the “community care” model of caring for children-at-risk. Thus, each child lives in a separate family unit with foster parents and up to six other children. The Home exists in a community setting. Contact with the greater community is experienced on a daily basis, and interaction with relatives is encouraged. ACH ensures that each child receives three healthy meals a day and has their own bed and clothes. The children also have access to medical care, and benefit from attending a Christian school, Agape Academy International.
Agape Academy International (AAI) is a school with an emphasis on excellence in academics presented from a Christian worldview. AAI provides full education for all of the children in the Agape Children’s Home while seeking to make affordable Christian education available to the public. Now in its eighth year, the Academy teaches students from grades K4 to grade 12.

The Community at Risk Program is a ministry of Agape Children’s Home and Agape Academy International to the surrounding community. Although the children accepted are not biological orphans, their families are completely destitute and lack the ability to care for them, much less send them to school. Through partnership with Agape Children’s Home and Agape Academy International, the children are given a full scholarship that completely covers tuition, school supplies, books, a school uniform, two meals a day, and the opportunity to learn about the love of Jesus for them. Without this program, many in this community have little to no hope for the future but because of generous donations, a life and family will be forever changed. If you would like to give to the home, you can donate below: