AKAE Housing


Hope for the Nations – Mombasa, Kenya


“Up to 30,000 girls between 12 and 14 years of age are involved in commercial sexual exploitation of children. Mombasa has been named as sex child capital.” – New York Times, 2009.

We thank God for creative ideas that are being used to combat the commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC) in Mombasa.

The AKAE Housing Project provides safe shelter for ‘street workers’ who have left the trade. The shelters are constructed from shipping containers that provide 6 housing units (2 bedrooms each) for those in need.

To date, the project has changed the lives of 4 families, totalling 12 children, who made their living from the ‘streets’. Because of supporters like you, these families live in a comfortable and secure location, are enrolled in school and removed from the dangers of exploitation.

Prayer  Requests:

  • Pray for God to send more skilled labourers into this harvest field, specifically those who can help rehabilitate women and children who have exited this horrific trade.

  • Agree for a swift set up of these units, complete with plumbing, electricity..etc

  • Cry out for God’s wisdom and strategy to come upon the leaders in this region, that they will see many children tucked safely in loving homes and on their way to fulfilling their destinies.


God’s kindness is seen throughout the nations because of people like you. Thank you for your prayers and support.