Bethlehem Community Centre


Bethlehem Community Centre – Soweto, Kenya

Be A HERO partners with Bethlehem Community Centre by providing monthly support through our Home Sponsorship Program.

Bethlehem Community Centre is a charitable Christian Organization established in 1990 and registered under the Societies Act of the Laws of Kenya. The Centre is situated at the heart of the Soweto slums, 15 kilometres South East of Nairobi, Kenya. Soweto has a population of about 160,000 people of whom 95% have an annual income far below the United Nations $400 U.S. poverty level.

Bethlehem Community Centre was established with the original mission of meeting the needs of children in especially difficult circumstances who were either orphaned or whose parents could not afford to meet their basic needs. The difficult circumstances that befell the children were mainly as a result of broken homes, loss of one or both parents or abandonment by a single parent. The social conditions encouraged delinquent behavior since most of the children had nowhere else to turn for support. When conditions became unbearable at home the children ran to the streets where they hoped to find consolation from other destitute children. However, on the contrary, nine out of ten children end up adopting the delinquent behavior and become prone to abuse. This only worsens their predicament. Bethlehem Community Centre provides these children with residential care. They also operate a school which is open to the community’s children, and a public community centre and library, all in the heart of the Soweto slum.

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