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The Best ‘Sponsor A Child’ Charities

The Best ‘Sponsor A Child’ Charities

Basic amenities and a minimum standard of living are requirements that push things towards a sustainable mode of living. But these requirements are not available to every single section of our society since some of them still reek of poverty. When such events take place, it is children who suffer as their dreams get crushed in the fight towards getting a single meal. Since we are all on this planet together, it is quite crucial that we help each other and cover our world with hope. Charities and other initiatives are essential programs that act as a driving force in helping children who are in dire need of the same. So to shed more light on them, here are some of the best ‘Sponsor A Child’ charities.

Save the Children

1. Save the Children

Save the Children is an organisation that has programs all around the world. Their main aim is to protect children from harm, provide them access to medical care and education. They tend to achieve the same through a long list of programs that have its agenda on health, nutrition, HIV and AIDS, child protection, and so on. The organisation runs on the basis of donations, gift catalogue and child sponsorship.

2. DonorsChoose

DonorsChoose is an important initiative that aims to curtail the problem of lack of resources when it comes to education. They do so by allowing individuals to partner with a classroom project by donating an amount of your choice. Their programs moved ahead to be successful since over 68% of American public schools have posted at least a single project on DonorsChoose.

3. Plan

With a long history that lasts for over 75 years, Plan has constantly been working to ensure that children live a life that is guided by equality, justice and dignity. Their programs concentrate on child protection, economic security, sexual and reproductive health and water and sanitation. These programs intend to develop communities by focusing on children that need help.


4. American Refugee Committee

Refugees and other displaced individuals tend to go through a great ordeal that drives away hope. With basic necessities missing, refugees tend to fight for survival. So to help them, there are charities like American Refugee Committee that offer programs with the prime focus being on economic opportunities, health care, gender-based violence prevention, and so on. Since they were successful in their approach, the organisation went on to serve various refugees from countries like Liberia, Sudan, Pakistan, Somalia, Syria and Rwanda.


Reaching out to these charities will immensely help their cause and strengthen their operations. By donating an amount, you too can make a difference that is going to change the life of a child.


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