Education at no cost

Completed Project


Minas Gerias, Brazil

The Light of the World School is a pilot project to provide access to education at no cost for children who would not otherwise have this opportunity. The dream is to multiply this project throughout the city, eventually providing access to schooling for every child in Uberlandia.

Having completed construction of eight additional classrooms, a better kitchen floor plan, and adaptation of exit doors; all of the staff looks forward to the future. Light of the World (LW) is headed by Pastor Ricardo César Crosara Magnino, a native Brazilian, and his wife Andrea.

It is the purpose of this center to help and educate children in risk situations that would have been living in the streets. Currently 55 children ages 1 year to 6 years old attend this facility. There is a list with 90 children waiting for a chance to get into the program.

Light of the World is a mercy organization with a vision to bring reformation to society through a culture of love and service.The students receive a complete uniform, including one for summer and another one for winter. They also receive a school package containing a notebook, color pencils and wax chalk. Everyday each one of them receives some kind of food, like milk or fruits, to take home.

Wesley and Stacey Campbell visited this completed project and were thrilled with the work that has been done. They were especially impressed with the quality of care and the expert teaching that they observed.

Before arriving Stacey had the impression that the school was only forelementary-aged children but she was surprised to see that very young ones were being taught and cared for there. She was told that if the school did not take them in; these toddlers would be left alone all day.

The children are very happy to have the new surroundings.

Pastor Ricardo César Crosara Magnino and his wife Andrea are extremely pleased with the development of this facility. This project has proven to be a success.

Thanks to all who donated to this worthy cause.