Education in India

Completed Project


Northern India

Construction has been completed for Hope Academy, in Northern India, in partnership with Bal Vikas Kendra.

Stephen Clarke is the BE A HERO Director for India. He is standing beside part of the building during the construction phase.

Since 1973, Bal Vikas Kendra (BVK) has engaged in mercy ministries to the poor of Northern India.  It was founded by Emmanuel and Beulah Raj in the late 1960’s.  This organization has focused upon the rural regions of the Himalayan foothills and Punjab regions of Northern India.  Bal Vikas Kendra is caring for approximately 1200 destitute children in India.  These are children that were rescued from the streets and now are in children’s homes being fed, clothed, and educated.  Since the beginning of this program, over 3000 children have benefited by being cared for by BVK.

The children in this region of Tehri, Garhwal now have an efficient building that will allow education to be brought to an area that was virtually inaccessible to the poor before.  This free public school will initiate a profound change to the impoverished of this area, ultimately catalyzing a lasting benefit for generations to come.

Graduation from this quality facility will provide the opportunity for further education such as university or trade school and ultimately employment in a good job, bringing a better standard of living to the people of this area.

The facilities include classrooms, library, reading room, kitchen, dining hall, dorm rooms, meeting rooms, and a recreation lounge. The buildings have been constructed to allow expansion if required as the school population grows.

The new construction has allowed the addition of an extra grade to the school – Grade 2 was added this school year, increasing the number of students to 42. There are plans to add an additional grade each year with a goal of accommodating 140 children once all grades are added.

The Hope Academy staff is comprised of a husband and wife teaching team, and three other teachers.  According to the Director of BVK all the staff at Hope Academy is very competent and is dedicated to the school’s objectives.

Steve Clarke stands along side the new building with the Himalayan Foothills in the background.

A big THANK YOU goes out to all the Heroes that helped to make this possible.

You are HEROES.