Current Project

GOWIDO’s home-based care program is carried out to help meet the needs of 200 orphaned, abandoned or vulnerable children living with their guardians

The program ensures that the children receive: physical care – in the form of food, access to clean drinking water and access to medical care; spiritual care – through discipleship during home visitations and participation in a children’s program at GOWIDO’s main center, academic care – by ensuring access and support for education; and emotional care – by providing ongoing counseling, group activities and home visitations.

Each child in the program is visited in their home by a GOWIDO worker each term for encouragement, emotional and spiritual development and accountability. A Home Visit Report is completed after each visit.

As GOWIDO develops relationships with the children’s primary caregivers, they continue to look for opportunities to help the families become self-sustainable through education, vocational training, microfinance and vocational networking. When the primary caregivers are able to support themselves, those financial resources will be redirected to another orphaned and abandoned child. GOWIDO needs help to support these 200 home based children with a Feeding Program and other basic needs.

Pictures of home based children



  • A drilled artesian – style well to meet the need for a permanent, safe and ongoing supply of clean water that will supply the home, schools and the irrigation of crops.
  • Two new buildings, one for boys and one for girls, which will vastly improve the living conditions of the 160 children on site and will allow more children to live at the home.
  • A small rehabilitation centre offering medical support to any child even those that do not reside in the home. It would also be a health clinic/training centre to local villagers.
  • Accommodations for volunteers needs to be constructed to house visiting international partners and teams.
  • The current Gideon’s Children’s Home buildings need to be revamped to support children living with HIV/Aids and for those with special needs.
  • A dining hall for the home and school
  • Beds, bedroom furniture, bedding, mosquito nets