Harvest House

Harvest House Congo – Goma, DRC


BE a Hero provides monthly support for the orphans at Harvest House through our Home Sponsorship Program.

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is slowly recovering from a conflict some call “Africa’s first world war”, which led to the loss of over five million lives between 1994 and 2003. Many eastern areas are still unstable and plagued by violence as various rebel groups continue to operate there. The DRC is extremely big and wealthy; similar in size to Western Europe and is rich in diamonds, gold, copper, cobalt and zinc. Unfortunately for the people, its wealth has rarely been harvested for their benefit. Instead the natural riches have attracted unscrupulous corporations, vicious warlords and corrupt governments, and divided the population between competing ethnic groups. This vast country has hardly any roads or railways, while the health and education systems lie in ruins.

The Harvest House Congo was established by the work of Pastor Art Lucier from The Harvest Church, in Kitimat, B.C., Canada, in 2008.  Deep in the slums of Goma City in eastern Congo, a small piece of property was purchased and a community centre was built.   Harvest House is a feeding centre for orphans and numerous widows who house and care for orphans in exchange for care. Harvest House also looks after all schooling expenses for these orphans of Congo’s ethnic war, and is committed to see life improved for both the orphans and the widows in Goma City.

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