Heroes of the Nation

Nyahururu, Kenya

BE A HERO partners with Heroes of the Nation to provide operating expenses and child sponsorship through our Home and Child Sponsorship Program.
Heroes of the Nation’s Children’s Home is located in the outskirts of Nyahururu, Kenya. This area is approximately 120 km from Nairobi in the southwest region of Kenya.
Heroes of the Nation struggled until 2002 when Andrew Sievright, who had been a director of a 110-staffed YWAM base in Texas, went to Africa to meet directors Weston and Violet Gitonga. So began a heartfelt partnership to develop and operate orphanages and schools in Africa. In one year, with the combination of Andrew’s vision and the Gitonga’s administration skills, Heroes of the Nation grew from 22 children to a home for 200 children. They now care for and educate over 400 children.
Since 2004, Be A HERO has substantially supported new capital projects and operating expenses through project donations and our child sponsorship program.

More orphanages are being planned as the vision expands to meet the urgent need to care for children who have been abandoned by the loss of their parents to AIDS. Heroes of the Nation owns properties for future growth in Nyahururu, Kenya – Mombassa, Kenya – Kigali, Rwanda. Government officials in Zanzibar and Rwanda have promised to help Heroes of the Nation with land grants for future orphanages in those countries.

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