India Feminine Hygiene

How can $15 keep a girl in school for three years?

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A staggering 23% of adolescent girls in India drop out of school because they do not have sanitary pads. Those who do stay in school are unable to attend up to 50 days in a year. Only 12% of the 355 million women and girls across India use sanitary pads, due to cost and unavailability. That number drops to 3% in rural areas. They resort to using sand, sawdust, corn husks, leaves, ash, newspaper, rags or rocks.  Approximately 70% of all reproductive diseases in India are caused by poor menstrual hygiene, which also contributes to maternal mortality.

A kit of 8 absorbent, tri-fold reuseable pads, plastic bag, 2 moisture barrier shields/ liner holders, a washcloth, soap, 2 pairs of panties, instruction sheet and drawstring carry bag costs only $15.00 and will last for 3 years.

Be A Hero, working Destitute to Destiny,  is launching an exciting two-pronged program to keep girls in school, and break the cycle of poverty.

–        Via workshops in five rural areas of India, co-ops of women will be taught the sewing and business skills they will need to successfully make and sell Feminine Hygiene kits. Each woman who receives an industrial sewing machine will make payments to the co-op, enabling more machines to be purchased, and more women to be empowered into her own business.  40 industrial sewing machines and 10 industrial sergers, sewing tables, enough fabric to make approximately 350 kits, and related sewing supplies will be seeded into this perpetual project. 26 women have already successfully transitioned from bonded slavery to flourishing home-based businesses under this sewing co-op.

–        Canadian women are making Feminine Hygiene kits to be distributed to girls in children’s homes and rural school girls. Women will be trained to deliver instruction on sanitary feminine hygiene practices, and creation of the kits, using the program perfected by Days For Girls.

Help us keep girls in school with a $15 feminine hygiene kit, and launch an impoverished woman into a sewing business for only $500!