Education is the key to escaping poverty, but there are 5.6 million “out of school” children and youth in the Philippines, a rate that has tripled over the last decade. Pinagbuhatan slum hosts the biggest depressed area in Pasig City and is home to around 105,400 residents. Being also a low-lying area, it is prone to frequent flooding which worsens the already strained circumstances of its disadvantaged people.

JLLCF was founded in December 1998 by Pastor Chito and Rachel Sanchez. The main objectives of their education project, River Springs School, is to provide access to quality education to disadvantaged children in Pasig City and to help increase the number of children who have completed pre-school and elementary education. JLLCF engages and participates in community development, poverty reduction and in uplifting the conditions of needy families in areas where these issues intersect with children and the poor. In addition, JLLCF is actively involved and networks with government and non-government agencies in educating the general populace about the overwhelming global and national issues of children at risk. Their goal is to empower children-at-risk in the slums of the Philippines.


To be God’s instrument to care for and nurture children at risk, and uplifting the condition of their families and communities through:

  1. Provision of formal and information education
  2. Nutrition and feeding
  3. Development of partnership to facilitate access by families and communities to socio-economic resources

Positive and sustained transformation in the lives of children at risk, families, and communities in need.
To improve the bio-psychosocial and spiritual conditions of children at risk and their families

To enable children and families to become productive, responsible, and godly members of society.