Jubilee Homes

Bangalore, India

 BE A HERO partners with Jubilee Homes to provide monthly support through our Home Sponsorship program for little children bought out of brothels.

22 million children are sold into the sex trade every year; that means four per minute! According to the 2014 Global Slavery Index, India is the leading nation in all forms of human slavery. Of the approximately 14 million slaves, the majority are women and children. First Assembly of God Church in Bangalore, India, has heard the mandate from the Lord to “set the captives free”.

Abundant Life Trust, founded by  First Assembly has been established to directly affect sex trafficking through Jubilee Homes in order to provide a place of total restoration of dignity & destiny for women and children rescued from sex trafficking.  As of 2015, Jubilee Homes began  rescuing and caring for little girls age’s four to seven bought from brothels.  These are the children of women enslaved in brothels who would be entering the sex trade by the age of 4 to 7 if not rescued. Paid and volunteer support staff are providing Christian-based education, food, shelter, medical care and nurture within a vibrant faith-based environment for the purposeful restoration of the children and women, bringing a transformational change from brothels to integrated life as champions in their nation. Their goal is to provide 300 children and 100 women with this life-changing support.

Jubilee Homes motto is: “Where chains are broken and beauty restored in receiving Jesus’ gift of abundant life.”

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