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Completed Project


Goma, D.R. of Congo

In 2005, Kitimat Harvest Ministries of Abbottsford, BC, went to Goma with the intention of building another structure on the original site.  When they saw how small the site was and the location of the site (directly in the line of future volcano eruptions, the last eruption was in 2001) they decided to find a larger, more suitable parcel of land to build on.

Kitimat Harvest Ministries bought Mamma Jeanne 2 hectares (5 acres) of land for $20,000.00 ($5,000.00 from Kitimat Harvest ministries and $15,000.00 from a Canadian donor).  This new land, though there is lava beneath the soil, has dirt and grass.   It is not in a direct path of future volcanic eruptions, although former eruptions have caused lava to flow nearby.  There is also a lake below with clean water.

Under the direction of Art Lucier and his team Kitimat Harvest Ministries built a 24’ x 50’ concrete block building with a metal roof on this new parcel of land, and purchased some beds and bedding.

 In 2006, a team from Harvest International Ministries in Kitimat, returned to Goma with donations from Be A HERO and Harvest to install doors and windows in this first dormitory for the girls, and begin construction on another dorm (for the boys). They also completed the road, built the two water catchment systems, and built the foundation and slab for a school (which will also be used as a community center).

They also bought a neighbouring property of 2.5 acres (cost $7,000.00) which includes a large house and two foundations for buildings that were started but never finished.  This house will be for the Director and some children, and the foundations will be used for future development. The two properties now total 7.5 acres for the children.

The new water system installed in September, 2006 was from a donation through Be A Hero by the Napa Valley Language Academy in Napa Valley California, providing water at the site!

The system that has been brought to the orphanage by the students at Napa Valley Language Academy involves a huge reservoir.  This containment device collects water via down sprouts as rain runs off the building beside the tank.  Without this in place the young girls need to walk three miles, three times a day, with two 50 pound jars, one on their heads and another on their backs. Often, the water they bring back has small parasites which can cause disease when ingested. With the water system in place, water can be collected on-site and filtered. The tank is shown being constructed at the orphanage site.  Concrete is put in place around the tank to prevent it from being stolen. Gutters and down drains are hung from the building to be connected to the tank in order to collect the rain water.

This will improve the quality of life for the children enormously.

Sources of finances:

  • Mamma Jeanne’s staff farms a parcel of land, growing corn, beans, potatoes, cabbages, and onions.  Some of the harvest is sold to provide income, and some of the food is used to feed the children.
  • The Be A HERO child sponsorship program is now working to raise sponsors for these children, to provide regular monthly support, ensuring that the children’s basic needs are met.
  • Harvest International Ministries from Kitimat, BC also assists financially with the needs at Mamma Jeanne’s.
  • A few local doctors help out when they can, loaning vehicles to transport crops, and occasionally supplying food.

Project Details

  • Installed the ceiling in the girl’s dorm, and the floor and ceiling in the boy’s dorm ($1200.00)
  • Connected power to the site from the nearby school ($3000.00)
  • Install a third water catchment system to provide even more water (Two are presently on site)
  • Built 1 more dorm building 24’ x 50’ each ($15,000.00; capacity 80 children)
  • Furnished the boy’s dorm and the proposed dorm – beds, mattresses, blankets ($1000.00 each building)
  • Finished the school/community centre building and add a kitchen ($25,000.00)
  • Equipped and furnished the kitchen ($3500.00)
  • purchase a vehicle for farming, transporting supplies, taking children to medical care etc. (used 4 x 4 crew cab – $10,000.00)
  • built a lava rock wall around the seven acres, to divert any future lava flow in the event of an eruption, and provided security and safety for the children. ($12,000.00)
  • built widow’s homes on the site, as caregivers for the children ($5000.00 each)

In December 2007 the Napa Valley Language Academy raised $3,200 to help build a rock wall around the orphanage to provide safety for the children in the midst of the ethnic and tribal wars and to provide protection from lava flows.  A team from Canada left in January to begin construction of the wall, and deliver letters and photos from the NVLA children.

In addition to funds raised at the concert, local families chose to sponsor 25 children from Mamma Jeanne’s, providing food, clothing, medicine and school supplies.

Budget for Relocating and Expansion

Goma Democratic Republic of Congo

Mamma Jeanne’s Orphanage

Capital Budget for relocation and expansion:

Funded and Completed Projects:


Amount Funded


Budget for Relocating and Expansion

Goma Democratic Republic of Congo
Mamma Jeanne’s Orphanage
Capital Budget for relocation and expansion:
Funded and Completed Projects:

Amount Funded

2-Hectres of land (South Goma)


Power to Site (from nearby school)


Purchase of neighbouring property and buildings


Girl’s Dormitory #1 24 x 50′


Boy’s Dormitory #2 24 x 50′ (not quite complete)




Supplies: Beds/Mattresses/Blankets/etc.


2 water catchment systems


Foundation and slab for School/Community centre


Capital Expenses To-Date Totals:


.Proposed Capital Projects Description

Amount Projected

Ceilings for dorms, floor for dorm #2


Dorm #3 24 x 50′


Complete School/Community Centre, add kitchen


Residence Building 40 x 80′


Power to Site (from nearby school)


Property & Compound Fence (Lava containment)


Kitchen Equipment & Cafeteria Supplies


Beds/Mattresses/Blankets/etc. Dorm#2 & 3


Vehicle for orphanage (used 4×4 Crew cab)


Widows homes ($5,000 each)


Total Projected Capital Expenses