New Hope Academy


Completed Project

Ganta, Liberia

This project to build a school in Ganta, Liberia has now been completed. The school houses a Library, Science Lab, business classes and boosts a cafeteria. The students are being prepared for a promising future.

Be A Hero is pleased to report that the project in Ganta, Liberia has been completed. Be A Hero partnered with Hope for the Nations to create an environment where young people from Liberia can obtain an education and acquire skills that will create new opportunities that were not available to them before this endeavour.

The new school will allow over 1000 children to be educated from Kindergarten to Grade 12.  Hope Academy School has built a good reputation in the community and their goal is to train many more to become leaders in Liberia.

The school has 6 classrooms and 22 teachers presently teaching 465 in the morning session and 117 in the PM (285 boys and 297 girls).

The premises include a Library (the best in the area), a Science Lab and business classes. As well, the facilities include a cafeteria to feed the children at break time where a meal costs 10Ld or 16 cents.

Older children are taught business and provided with a loan to start their own businesses. It is hoped that in time the economy in Ganta will improve as more of the population is educated and trained.

The younger children have much to look forward to and the older ones have great opportunities that lay ahead.

There is a great sense of pride in their new surroundings.

Along with the school Be A HERO and Hope for the Nations look after the other projects in Ganta, Liberia.

Mercy Project
The Children’s Center cares for 15 malnourished young children at a time. In the past year, over 120 children have gone through the program. As well, many parents bring their children to the center for care and appropriate food to keep them healthy. Monthly training sessions are run to teach young parents how to raise healthy babies.  The “Come Eat At My Table” program also feeds 65 children in 5 different villages every day. HFTN would like to expand this outreach feeding program – the cost would be $360.00 per month for transportation and food costs.

Hope Foster Families
Forty two (42) foster families have taken in 84 orphan children that come out of the Mercy Project.  HFTN helps these families by giving them food and medication as required as well as paying for the children’s education. These families are helped to earn money through HFTN’s Business Development Program with micro loans, or by hiring them in their own business for training.

Hope Farm
This 25 acre farm is used by the foster families and school students to grow crops for their own use and to sell for income. 

A big thank you to all the HEROES
who contributed towards this project.