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20/20 Network to stop child trafficking and end child slavery

Pooja’s Wings is a multi-fronted, comprehensive solution to the rampant problem of child trafficking and slavery in North India through : Anti-trafficking research, networking, mobilization, rural and urban awareness and prevention, child literacy, raid, rescue and rehab of trafficked minor girls, and the rescue of orphan and abandoned girls.

An estimated 24,000 girls PER YEAR are trafficked into the sex trade in North India and Nepal, and many thousands are trapped in child labour as slaves.

  • Working through our established network of churches and police in over 800 villages, 120,000 leaders will be trained in anti-trafficking awareness, reaching 2.4 million people to keep their children safe.

  • Seminars for police, politicians, and other civic leaders will teach them how to establish anti-trafficking initiatives in the key cities

  • 100 Literacy centers will be created to break the cycle of poverty and bondage to a lifetime of back-breaking labour.

  • Rescue and restoration of orphaned, abandoned, abused and unwanted girls who are at an extremely high risk of being trafficked into loving children’s homes or adoption, and providing them with education

  • Rescue and restoration of girls who have been trafficked into the sex trade, providing a safe, loving, healing home, education, and hope for a bright future.

This is a massive undertaking - we have 20,000 leaders in place all across North India, ready to tackle this horrendous problem. The goal of our ambitious plan is to reduce child trafficking by 50% in 5 years, and virtually eliminate it in 10 years. We CAN DO THIS - with a little help from YOU!

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Here’s a short video about a girl rescued from temple prostitution:


·        Of the over 300 million residents of North India’s Ganges River area, 75 million are children and an estimated 30 million of these are high-risk. They are malnourished, have no opportunity to get an education, and are exploited through child labor and trafficking. Their parents are at the bottom of an oppressive caste system with no way of escape.

A few documented statistics:

 ·        In the state of Uttar Pradesh 19.2 million children are not attending school due to poverty and poor quality of schools. Most of these are engaged in child labor.

·        24,000+ unwanted girls are trafficked into sex slavery between Nepal and North India annually.

·        Accounting for 34% of human trafficking, India is known as the “poisonous hub of Asia” for sex trafficking.

·        India accounts for a staggering 45% of modern slavery globally.

·        Of abandoned baby girls, more than 60% will end up in the sex slave trade or as child prostitutes in India’s brothels.

·        Children below 16 years old constitute 19% of all rape victims in India.

·        Over 12% of all prostitutes are children, and 40% of those are inducted into the profession before the age of 16. There are some attempting to rescue these children but the primary hindrance is lack of facilities and funding that would enable them to be nurtured and educated.



Heroes like YOU who will decree that it is wrong to use children as sex slaves, and as child labourers, and help us DO SOMETHING to stop it!

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