Rescue India

For $1000 someone’s life can be forever free!

In October of 2015 we worked with Blue Haven Home in India through one of our field partners, TellAsia. They organized a raid on a brothel which rescued a total of 7 girls from the ages of 11-19. It took months to get the raid operational- and many sacrifices were made in order to accomplish it, and was the first of many raids that will be taking place with the Be a Hero/ Tell Asia partnership.

  • Nearly 40,000 children are abducted every year according to a report by the national human rights commission of India.
  • There is an estimated 300,000 child beggars in India- at risk of becoming trafficked.
  • Every year 44,000 children fall into the clutches of the gangs.


The seven girls who were rescued are just a drop in a large ocean of children who are suffering – but it’s a start – and with your help – we can rescue and prevent hundreds more from falling into the same terrible condition. If we fix our eyes on one child at a time, I know together we can see villages, cities and eventually nations transformed.


Be A Hero continues to partner with Tell Asia in building homes for more girls like the ones who were rescued. In building more homes and schools, the children will have professional caretakers to love them and help bring them into a brighter future. We need your help. Would you consider sowing in a sacrificial seed to see more girls rescued, and more homes built? Don’t ever disqualify your dollar; every dollar matters, and every dollar counts!!! A dollar here, is a lot more than a dollar there. The children in India are looking for heroes – will you be one of them?

If you don’t feel comfortable making an online donation? Then feel free to call our office at 1-888-738-4832
a ministry representative would love to help process your donation.