Tell Asia Ministries


Northern India

TellAsia Ministries transforms lives through God’s love coupled with education and humanitarian aid.

TellAsia operates in some of the neediest areas of the world. TellAsia primarily focuses in northern India – home to almost 1/7th of the world’s population including 35 million at-risk children. Only 1% of the population are followers of Christ, but that is up from 0.1% when they started 16 years ago. Malnutrition and illiteracy are prevalent especially in the rural areas which compose 70% of the population.

The list below reflects some of the fruit of their labors…and of the sacrificial sponsorship of our donors.
Schools: TellAsia operates a school of 700 students in a remote rural location where the residents could never have imagined there would be an English medium school, much less one to which they could afford to send their children. The income from the paying students makes the school fully self-sufficient and additionally enables them to provide full or partial scholarship to very needy children.

Rural Education Centers: Over 40,000 disadvantaged children who couldn’t afford to go to a private school and were growing up illiterate, have learned to read and write. Each year over 4,000 children in 120 education centers receive an basic literacy, math and Bible instruction each school day.

Discipleship: Through their own native staff and volunteers, and through providing training and resources to leaders of other indigenous agencies, TellAsia enables the life-changing love, joy and peace of the Gospel to bring freedom and hope to those who seek it. For those who respond, home fellowships provide a supportive and loving community where people continue to develop the characteristics of Christ.

Leadership Training: TellAsia annually provides leadership training to those who serve their communities, helping them cultivate healthy communities that reflect the moral and spiritual principles of the Bible.

Vocational Skills Training: TellAsia has enabled over 200 native leaders and their families to become self-supporting by providing them vocational training in skills such as electrical wiring, screen printing or electronics repair. They have helped others to start a micro business such as a small shop or well drilling business, and have enabled hundreds of young women to come out of poverty through learning the skill of tailoring.

Blue Haven Children’s Home: 32 formerly hopeless orphan, semi-orphan or extremely impoverished children now have a loving home and a bright future. Many of the children are in need of sponsors.

Blue Haven School: A revolutionary sustainable model has been built: Blue Haven Village includes an international-caliber school, medical clinic and high-quality home for 100 orphaned and abandoned children. The home is fully supported by income from the school and clinic.

Anti-Trafficking Rescue and Rehabilitation: “Nai Asha” meaning “New Hope” is a project initiated and developed by TellAsia in which they rescue minor girls forcibly trafficked into the sex trade. Around 25 girls have now been rescued and are receiving rehabilitation and skills training in safe homes. It is estimated that around 24,000 girls are trafficked in the sex trade EVERY YEAR, and multiple thousands more are trapped in slavery. A new, multi-faceted, comprehensive program has been launched to reduce the trafficking of minor girls.

Our plan includes:

·        Working through our established network of churches and police in over 800 villages 120,000 leaders will be trained in anti-trafficking awareness to reach 2.4 million people to keep their children safe.

·        Seminars for police, politicians and other civic leaders to establish anti-trafficking initiatives in the key cities

·        100 Literacy centres will be created to break the cycle of poverty and bondage to a lifetime of back-breaking labour

·        Rescue and restoration of orphaned, abandoned, abused and unwanted girls who are at an extremely high risk of being trafficked, into loving homes or adoption and providing them with an education

·        Rescue and restoration of girls who have been trafficked into the sex trade, providing a safe, loving, healing home, education, and hope for a bright future.

We already have 20,000 trained leaders in place all across Northern India. They have been working in these areas for several years now, with impressive results. It’s time to multiply the proven model and accelerate the rescue of these children and say “No MORE” to this abhorrent scourge!