Ebola Epidemic Response

Partners and Friends,We normally do not do this but we feel deeply led by the Lord to write you today.

As you know, our world is in extreme peril this evening. As we enjoy our everyday lives,  the Western African nations of Sierra Leon, Guinea, Liberia and, most recently, Nigeria have experienced a severe outbreak of Ebola.


This is one of the deadliest infectious diseases on the face of the earth. To this date there is no known cure. Unfortunately, there has been a great lack of help from the international community and very few organizations are working to help the people affected by this terrible disaster. In fact, most hospitals and health clinics have been overrun and some have even shutdown, due to the large amount of infected persons and risk to healthcare workers. This has caused those in need to  flock towards the nearest humanitarian aid centers. In a precautionary move, much of the region has been shut down.  This lock down includes schools, businesses, and even the borders. The result is that there is a shortage of medications, medical equipment and even basic necessities. According to the World Health Organization’s most recent update  (August 20th, 2014) there are: ·       221 NEW cases of Ebola.·       2,473 Ebola cases have been reported. ·       1,350 men, women and children have died due to this outbreak.

Currently, we have three centers in Liberia: Ganta, Kpaytuo and Monrovia. These centers were not created to endure this horrific crisis and they are stretched beyond capacity. We are asking for your help, our centers are being overrun by the infected. We need to help them so we are asking for the following:

·       Funds to pay for the necessary supplies and equipment needed to ensure the disease does not infiltrate their centers ·       Funds to help with disease and hygiene education in order to prevent the spread of the disease ·       Funds to help those who have lost their jobs while the country is locked down ·       Funds to help support those receiving services from the centers According to the World Health Organization,  Liberia has been the hardest hit in this outbreak, with 972 confirmed cases of Ebola and 576 confirmed deaths caused by Ebola. The estimated  mortality rate of  this horrific virus is70% - 90%!!! 
We know this is last minute, and we know money is tight . . .  but we cannot allow this to go unchecked. We are asking all of our partners, friends and associates to please make a donation towards this important need. We are not trying to sound dramatic it is no secret that this is a matter of life and death.  We cannot sit by and do nothing while the people of Western Africa perish.
We, the Be A Hero family, need your urgent help immediately to help end this outbreak and protect the people of Western Africa. We cannot do this alone. In fact, we cannot do this at all without your desperately needed support. It is essential we raise $30,000 in the next 20 days in order to help the teams we partner with on the ground in Liberia fight this virus.
The good news is that if you give within the next 48 hours your funds will be matched 100% by anonymous donors!  This is a fantastic opportunity to double our help to fight this disease and save real lives.  We ask also for you to join with us in fasting and prayer for provision for this need and for our staff working in centers on the ground and lastly, for God to heal Western Africa.

Because this is an extremely important need, we humbly ask for you to take the time to read this packet, forward it to your church, Bible studies, life groups, and prayer lists. Please help us help the people affected by this horrific outbreak. Also we would greatly appreciate it if you would consider calling in your donation today so we can get the funds on the ground as soon as possible. Our toll free number is:
1 (888) 738-4832.
REMEMBER: If you give within the next 48 hours your funds will be matched 100% by anonymous donors.
The need is great – yet so are His people!
Wesley & Stacey Campbell

Founders Be A Hero International

Linda Francisco