Update - Hope Village in Malawi (June 2016)

Their Future is BRIGHT!

There is always hope for children at risk who have been rescued from devastating situations. Always. A few key highlights below from Hope Village in Malawi, will melt your heart and give you a sense of joy knowing your contributions and prayers are leaving a legacy!

  • The children are developing healthy family dynamics, thus attaining vision for their futures!
  • The Police Department came in to speak with the children about safety and one of the girls expressed how her future aspiration was to become a police officer!
  • One of the children has taken a vested interest in Bible stories, especially the ones about Esther, Ruth and Mary! (all powerful role models to follow if you ask us!!)
  • The children are growing spiritually, mentally and physically! (Praise God)

Prayer Points:

  • Pray for ample provision so the children who’ve outgrown their clothes will receive BRAND NEW attire/shoes!
  • Pray for their overall development, that they will become all God has called them to be!
  • Thank God in advance for the leaders of Hope Village to have divine connections regarding their programme, specifically:
      • Connections to successful organizations, universities and places that will motivate and inspire the students towards limitless possibilities!

There is never a dull moment when investing into children! In fact, even with hard times, there is much joy and reward.

Bless you for cheering them on with your prayers and financial support.