Update - Jubilee Home (June 2016)

Leaps and Bounds

We are extremely excited and inspired by the progress children in the Jubilee Home in India are making! After 6 months of being in the Home, the children took a giant leap of faith to attend Sunday School AND Vacation Bible School (which was all in English)!!

We couldn’t be more proud of these children. Their teachers reported they were fun loving, adventurous, sharp, diligent and had great learning abilities. They also participated in activities and were not lagging behind - a GREAT accomplishment in lieu of where they came from. Praise God!

They continue to speak well of their parents, praying regularly with child-like faith and learning at an amazing pace. Thank you for believing in a God that can rescue ‘nobodies’ and make them ‘somebodies’!

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for a van to transport all the children, complete with full time driver!
  • Cry out for swift collaborations between the Home and the Government (there is potential of 9 more children coming to the home this summer).
  • Ask God for an increase in funding to care for more immediate medical needs.  
  • Agree that the Home will increase in unity, faith, family atmosphere and wisdom, and for the children to know intimately the Holy Spirit, Jesus and God the Father.  


Child-Like Faith! One of the young girls in the Home got word that her mother was in the Hospital with a serious condition. Without hesitation the staff took her to see her mother. In front of 40 non-Christians, this little girl prays in her language for healing. What happened next was incredible! The doctors came in and discharged her mother from the Hospital that same day!