Letter From Joshua & Kristy


We share a love first and foremost for the Lord. He is the foundation and example for our love for one another, and we believe that the power of love can shift atmospheres and change nations.

In lieu of wedding gifts, it is our heartfelt desire that donations be made to Be A Hero to support their efforts in reSCUing women and children out of sex trafficking.

The Lord has placed a passion in both of our hearts to see an end to this social injustice, and we couldn’t think of a more worthy cause to support as we enter into our new covenant together.

We thank you in advance for your generosity. 

Date of Wedding: June 23, 2018


To Give Your Gifts to Children at Risk in leiu of Joshua & Kristy, fill out the form below with any message that you want to include with your gift so they know who sent the gift!

You will send your gift on the next page using the appropriate donate links.

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Letter from Wesley & Stacey to Joshua & Kristy:

We are so excited about the wedding of Joshua & Kristy, and we thank God for their heart for children at risk everywhere in the world. Thank you for your gifts. Know that your gifts will be helping children everywhere.

God Bless You on your Wedding Day,

Wesley & Stacey Campbell