Zoe Maternity Ward


Iris Global –


If you help the poor, you are lending to the LORD–and he will repay you!” – Proverbs 19:7

We praise God for the construction of the Zoe Maternity Clinic in Pemba, Mozambique!

With a surrounding population of 40,000 people, the Zoe Maternity Clinic is excited to offer excellent medical care (free of charge) to those in need! This unit will provide 24/7 emergency care to the poorest of the poor, perform baby deliveries, antenatal care, postpartum care, vaccination programs for newborns and so much more! Click here to visit Iris Global.

The Clinic is furnished with first world quality equipment and anticipates an average of 50-100 patients per weekday. Without a doubt, God’s heart will truly be known and felt as patients are treated with dignity, love, honour and the best medical care. Midwives and nurses will staff the Clinic, and an on-call doctor will be available at all times.

We truly thank our supporters, donors and friends who banded together for this project.

Prayer  Requests:

  • Agree for an outpouring of God’s love to settle in the hearts of the workers, patients and those in the surrounding community.
  • Pray for swift movement of equipment and supplies to meet the ongoing needs of the Clinic.
  • Cry out to God for continued miracles, healings, signs and wonders that will point people to Jesus.  

It’s incredible to watch the progress from a dream of meeting the need, to completion! Thank you.